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52 Weeks Money Saving Challenge: Would You Give It a Go?

One of the major things that we want to change every New Year is our habit of spending. It is too easy to say things than doing things. Heck, we all know that. But as life gets too difficult and people get easily persuaded, we tend to fall short on the aspect of finances and money-saving.

In recent years, overseas workers are too focused on the material things and the superficial glow of it. These things became a status symbol and everyone wants to be a part of it. New gadgets, jewelries, bags, shoes, fancy accessories, etc. Our society now is judging one another by carefully calculating how much their neighbor’s shoes costs.

As much as we want to start saving, our mentality is dragging us away from our goal. Mismanagement of your finances can lead to a life full of “debt-threats”. The only way to really be successful in saving is to make a firm decision to SAVE. There’s no other way.

This 2017, out of desperation and eagerness to have something to look forward to at the end of the year, many were considering taking on the challenge of “52 weeks Money Challenge”

Save More. Pay Less. Send Through Rewire Now!

A year is composed of 52 weeks and the mechanics of the game are too simple. This challenge was embraced by many desperate individuals because it’s easy and doable. You don’t need to put much pressure on yourself. It’s you who gets to decide how much you WANT to save and how much you CAN save.

You can start by 1 NIS this week and make it 2 NIS next week. Make it 3 NIS the following week and so on. Every week, you need to add your starting amount to the amount that you saved the previous week. By starting with 1NIS, you will be able to save 1,378NIS by the end of 52 weeks (end of the year). Not bad for a start right?

But, for someone who earns a decent salary, you can start by 5 NIS and end up with 6,890 NIS by end of the year (Please see attached template). This will be enough to buy a plane ticket for a month vacation in the Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka or wherever you want! 

If you’re bold enough, you can start with 10NIS and saved a staggering 13,780 NIS by December. This is about $3,580 US Dollars. Enough to start up a small business and more. 

All you have to do is to decide and vow to save. That no matter what happens; the money you are saving every week will be left untouched until you reach the 52 weeks. Not only you’ll reach a certain goal, which is by the way a fantastic feeling, you will also get to adapt the habit of saving.

Think about it and start as early as now!

What are you waiting for? Get that piggy bank and fill it with your future!




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