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An Elderly Struggle: Why are you so mean?


Understanding the different effects of aging is necessary to help us become more tolerant to the elderly.   As people become older, the function of their different senses naturally deteriorate. Disability and susceptibility to diseases is also prevalent among older people.   In fact, older people are at a serious risk of having chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and kidney problems. Listed below are some of the struggles elderly people have to deal with on a day-to-day basis.


Loss of balance

Imbalance is a common complaint among older people.  As we age, our posture and our sense of balance also declines.  Therefore, older people feel dizzy at most times and are at a higher risk of falling.  This is why they need assistance from caregivers or family members when moving around the house or traveling to a different place.  It may be a simple gesture to support them in their mobility but it is surely desired and appreciated.


Food Preparation/Nutrition

Older adults need to eat nutritious food to have a healthy body.  However, problem occurs when they have eating disorders that may hinder them from taking in food that is good for their body.  As caregivers, making sure that healthy food is being served to your patient’s stomach is paramount to their well-being. Assisting them in preparing their favorite meals and assuring that their recommended food is blended in their daily diet is crucial to their nutrition.


Memory Loss

The decrease in the blood flow to the brain as someone grows older results to an impaired memory.   The brain cells do not function as much as they do any longer that is why seniors tend to misplace things or forget some valuable information.  Memory lapses are also being experienced by older adults. There are times they would go to parts of the house not knowing what they went in there for.   These are usual happenings and the caregiver must be very understanding of the elderly’s situation.


Poor Eyesight

A damaged vision is a major struggle amongst the elderly.  They may not be able to read very well especially the small imprints on their medications.  Older people are likely to experience blurred visions, distorted images, reading difficulty, and poor night vision thus the caregiver’s aid is vital to their daily lives.  It is important that patients get regular eye examinations to find out the cause of the eye problem and find solutions to restore the elderly’s vision. 


Hearing Problems

One of the most common conditions affecting older adults is the trouble hearing. Often, age-related hearing loss affects both ears gradually.  Having difficulty hearing makes it hard to be understood by family members, friends, and the caregiver. This could lead to miscommunication among each other and sadly result in feelings of isolation on the senior’s part.  Instead of being irritated and getting angry, the caregiver must be extremely patient in dealing with a senior having difficulty hearing. The caregiver may need to repeat instructions or pieces of information to the older person.  Shouting at the senior is certainly not welcome but an increase in volume combined with a polite tone may be necessary in some situations.


Older people struggle a lot physically, emotionally, mentally and socially because of the changes they experience through time.  Help them improve their quality of life by giving them kindhearted assistance, sympathy, and thoughtfulness. Your compassionate gesture, for sure, will go a long way in helping them with their daily struggles.




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