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Calculate Your Rights! The Kav Laoved Online Calculator

We are receiving a lot of emails from caregivers asking about how much they are going to get after their employer died, how much recuperation pay they are entitled to, pension, separation pay, holidays, etc.

Most of this questions we received, we always refer them to Kav Laoved for they are the one who knows exactly how much money should a caregiver will receive from the employer after a certain period of time.

But, we are also aware that it's not that easy to go to Kav Laoved for there are a lot of people seeking their help and you have to wait hours after hours before you will be accomodated.

Good thing is, Kav Laoved have this online calculator where you can calculate your financial rights by just filling in some information like the date when you started working, your salary and your weekly allowance.

This Kav LaOved calculator can help you determine how much you deserve in compensation for a variety of rights (i.e. vacation days, pension, recuperation, etc.). 

Click here to access the calculator.

Important note: This calculator works in computers where Google Chrome is the default browser. In the case that your computer’s default browser is something else, you should change it to enable this calculator. For an explanation of how to do this, click here.

For any further questions or to report a problem please write us at:

Note: use of this calculator does not replace professional advice or consultation.


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