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Foreign Worker Fell Victim To Terror Attack

A 31-year old foreign worker from Nepal, Hisorai Taplaya, spent her day off from work in a hospital after she was stabbed by a Palestinian terrorist early Sunday morning while waiting at a bus stop on Shmagar street in Jerusalem.

According to her, she went to Makor Baruch and was listening to music on her headphones when the assailant approached her and stabbed her back. "I was so scared. There are blood all over my hand", she recalled.

It took Hisorai some time before she realized she had been a victim of a terrorist attack. Just when she thought nobody wanted to help her, she crossed the street and was found by a bus driver. He helped her by putting a towel on her wound and call the ambulance. "I understood it was a terror attack because I've seen the news lately. I was so scared because of what has been going on", she said. Despite of what happened to her, Hisorai decided to stay in Israel.

Hisorai was brought to Sha'are Tzedek hospital while the police forces conducted a man hunt which leads to the captivity of a 17 years old Palestinian who later on admitted that he carried out the attack.

Embassies and Consulates of different countries in Israel are cautious of the possibility that even foreign, non-jewish people can fall victim to these terror attacks in Israel.

Foreign workers are advised to exercise extreme caution especially if they are in public places where they are vulnerable to these attacks. Unsuspecting people can be a victim if they are not vigilant enough to observe their sorroundings.

  • Avoid things which can divide your attention such as listening to loud music while on the street.
  • Avoid sleeping in public buses or taxi/cabs.
  • Stay at home where you are safe if you don't have a very important business to go to.
  • If you notice something suspicious, do not hesitate to report to the police.
  • Avoid crowded places as well as places where there are only a few people to call for help if something happens.
  • Always stay alert and focus. Stabbing attack can be prevented if you know how to defend yourself.
  • If someone will try to stab you, use your bag as a shield and shout for help.
  • Your best weapon against a knife attack is to gain distance, put obstacle between you and the attacker. In short, run as fast as you can.
  • Do not fight back with someone with a knife on his/her hand. This will result to stabbing and crippling wounds (Unless you know proper self defense)
  • You can use objects within your reach to defend yourself. Dirt or clothes thrown in the face may disorient him or her for a moment. That would be enough time for you to run and call for help.
Remember, these terrorist does not care if you are a Jew, Christian, Arab, Buddhist or Atheist. The rule of their game is to kill and kill as many as they can. The only way to conquer terrorism is to refuse to become a victim of it.



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