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Habits and Activities That Are Dangerous to Your Bone Health

We worry about our health every time we feel like we are under the weather. When we have fever or pain, we always think about the possibilities of having a more complicated disease. Some of us are actually seeking medical help out of just plain paranoia. Some will not even bother.

But, people are always concerned about certain type of diseases in certain areas and organs of the body. We always worry about our heart, kidneys, our blood pressure, blood sugar and so on.

But how many of us really worries about our bones?

Problems with your bones is pretty seem like a disease for elderly people. But the truth is, we have to think about our bones while we are still young. 

As we grow older, our bone density are beginning to deteriorate, it weakens. Once our bone is starting to get weak, it's susceptible to injuries. But before that happens, we have to break some habits and activities that will slow down the process.

With the right discipline and choices, we will be able to lessen the chances of having bone problems. But how are we going to do it? We have to learn about these bone-damaging habits that are dangerous to our bone health.


1. Drinking too much Soda

Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sprite and others has nothing but sugar and tons of it. It will not just affect your insulin-producing pancreas but the minerals that you need for your bones as well. Soda is also rich in phosphorous which causes the decrease of Vitamin D which helps promote growth in bone cells. 


2. Seldom to No exercise.

Most of the people hated it. But, having a sedentary lifestyle will not be good for our bones. It is important to have at least 30 minutes of exercise everyday to develop strength, not just for your bones but also your muscles.


3. Cigarette Smoking.

You'll get nothing from smoking aside from getting addicted to it and not having the strength to stop it anymore. It's all in the mind. Your body don't need it at all. In fact, it will cause more harm than good. We often associated smoking to lung diseases but little did we know that it can also cause a weakening of our bones. It reduces bone density that could increase our risk for bone fractures and injuries and demotes bone healing.


4. Drinking too much Coffee.

Yes it's sad, unfortunately. For people who love coffee, it's really upsetting to know that caffeine hampers calcium absorption and can cause calciuria (calcium in the urine). Although, 1-2 glasses of coffee will not hurt. But nothing more than that. High doses of coffee or any caffeinated beverages can be dangerous to your bone health.


5. Not having enough sleep.

It damages the bone, period. Lack of sleep will hinder the growth of our body cells including our bone-forming cells called osteoblasts. Our bone mineral density will decrease, there will be lack of oxygen that can cause inflamation, causing problems for bone metabolism.


6. Too Much Salt Intake.

We often associate salt to heart disease and hypertension but these aren't the only problems with too much salt intake. It will also cause calciuria and weakening of our skeletal system. It's not enough to have high calcium intake, we also have to mellow down with salt on our food. Avoid processed food or ready to eat food in a box or frozen meals. It's packed with too much salt that may be dangerous not just for our heart and kidneys but also to our bone health.


We are all witness to how fragile our bones when we get old. A little injury can cause pain that could sometimes lead to being confined in the wheelchair. While we still can and able, let's change our habits. Eating the right kind of food and exercise can be a game changer. Let's take care of our bones. It is the solid structure of our body that hold everything together.


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