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Proper Behavior During Unrest in Israel

Appropriate Action on Hearing the Alarm or Siren

Appropriate action in face of daily threat saves lives!

How do we recognize an event?

On hearing a siren, explosion or "tzeva adom" alert

The Danger:

The primary danger facing Israel is from missile or rocket attack.

On the eve of the Gulf War, many countries came to realize that the war had moved from the battlefront to the home front.

At Home front command instructions were finalized for civilian response on hearing a siren or the sound of an explosion. Acting in accordance with these instructions will significantly reduce the amount of damage that is liable to result from missile or rocket fire aimed at the Israeli home front.

Preparing the house and family members:

In light of the short warning time, it is important to determine the place to go in time of a missile or rocket attack. First preference is for a "Mamad," or private shelter. If no Mamad or private shelter is available a secure room conforming to Pikud Haoref specifications should be chosen. Be sure that all members of the family are familiar with the space or secure room. It is important to designate this room, in any place we may be staying. Be careful to equip the secure space or room with an emergency kit and to complete all family preparations.

How to choose and prepare the secure space in time of need:

  • Choose the Mamad (residential secure space) and close the steel door and window. If there is a ventilation and filtering system, turn it on and select ventilation.

  • In a building without a Mamad, Mamak (multi-story building secure space), or shelter, take the following measures:
    • Get to a room that is protected to the greatest extent possible from the direction of the incoming rocket fire and that has as few exterior walls, windows and openings as possible.
    • Close the door and windows of the room.
    • Sit on the floor (below the level of the windows), close to an interior wall and not facing a window.
    • Tenants of top-floor apartments in buildings that do not have an internal Mamad, Mamak, or shelter are to go to the stairwell and do the following:
  • Tenants of top-floor apartments in buildings with over three floors that do not have an internal Mamad, Mamak, or shelter are to go down two stories and remain in the stairwell.
  • Tenants of top-floor apartments in buildings of three stories that do not have an internal Mamad, Mamak, or shelter are to go down one story and remain in the stairwell.
Outside the building:

  • In a populated area – take shelter in a building and follow instructions for people in buildings.
  • In an open area – lie down and cover your head with your hands.
People traveling in cars:

Stop at the side of the road, get out of the cars and get to the nearest building or protective cover. If you cannot get to a building or protective cover within the time available to you, get out of the car, lie down and cover your head with your hands. If you cannot follow either of the above instructions, stop and wait in the vehicle for ten minutes.

People traveling in public transportation:

When you hear the alert while traveling in a bus, the driver must stop the bus and open the doors. The passengers should bend over until they are beneath the level of the windows and protect their heads.

When you hear the alert while traveling in a train, the driver must slow down to 30 kph for ten minutes. The passengers should get beneath the level of the windows. 

After the event:

You may leave the protected space after ten minutes if no further instructions are issued. Stay clear of unidentified objects. If you see a rocket lying on the ground, keep curious bystanders away and notify the security forces. Continue listening to the instructions issued by the media.




For further information contact: (Pikud Ha'Oref) the Home Front Command on the website:, on Facebook, or contact the Informatin Center of HFC by phone no. 104 


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