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Resigning from a Job (with sample letter)

It’s not always easy to leave or resign from a job but when a working relationship becomes intolerable and cannot be remedied, it is best to leave especially if the job is a live-in caregiver where-in you are with each other 24/6 days a week. But before you make a decision, always think twice and don’t rely on your emotions to dictate your decisions. Please keep in mind that there is no perfect job but when your rights are being violated, then resign. Life is too short to spend it suffering from stress and unhappiness in a job.

As of September 24, 2012 a new law becomes effective regarding the resignation of caregivers. A caregiver cannot just pack her clothes/things and leave the patient or else the caregiver will face possible deportation from Israel. So a notice has to be given to the employer in order for the family to make new arrangements. I know it’s a trial to maintain one’s composure when the working relationship is already broken but it's also important to resign gracefully and professionally. I’ve been there too and i can say it’s emotionally draining.

Minimum days of notice
For work period between:
7 days to 3 months - 7-days notice
3-6 months - 14-days notice
6-12 months - 21-days notice
over one year - one month notice

If you want to know more about this, follow this link to Kav La Oved .

Please Note: This sample is provided for guidance only. The letter should be edited to fit your personal situation.

December 1, 2012

Mrs. Kate Windsor
48 Main Street
Ramat Bet Ha Kerem

Dear Ma’am,
I, (your name), with Passport No. _______, is formally notifying you that i am resigning from my job as your caregiver effective as of this day, December 1, 2012. My last day of employment will be on December 30, 2012.
I appreciate the (2 1/2 years) i spent working for you. I feel it is time for me to look for new opportunities and challenges.

All the best,
Elizabeth Ortiz

Received by:     ________________      ________________
                                  Employer                       Agency


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