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Rowena Untalan, The winner of the best story!

A message from one of our winners of the Orange Phone Call Story, Rowena Untalan.

“First and foremost, Mabuhay iSavta!

It was one tiring evening that I opened my mail and found a very interesting message from your site. Wow, an invitation to a phone call story contest! I did not think twice and I immediately browsed to your site. It had been so long that I had not written anything. I used to write poems and short stories when I was still teaching in my homeland.. Suddenly, here came the chance. I really felt so encouraged!

I needed to sign up again because I could not open my so long account. After a minute or two, I found myself directly writing my story at my account in your site. I was so eager to submit a well written story that night for I saw that there were already stories posted/submitted. This was also a great challenge! Not only for the cash prize but also for the fulfillment of my interest and at the same time to recultivate my so long resting grammatical memory.

We always say and believe that a good story comes from the writer's heart, thus my story really came from my deepest heart. Maybe the reason why I did not think of any other story entry was because I thought I would not have enough time to garner votes.

At first, I was just relaxed and never expected that this would go to a real competition. Days went by and I noticed that slowly, this contest was going tighter. It seemed like an election that the candidates were having unstable position of who may win or lose! With that, I decided to ask help from all my friends in Facebook, here in Israel as well as those outside this country. That situation taught me who among my so many friends were really with me. I was so overwhelmed with the support they extended to me.

My story affected me in so many ways. I was busy phone calling every friend those past days and nights. I felt excited and quite nervous every morning until the time of the announcement of winners came.

Being a second prize winner wasn't bad although I really thought that I could make it for the major one. It was my mistake that I never opened my mail again and so I did not know that the voters should only be caregiver. So disappointed that I had many non-caregiver friends who voted for me. This resulted to a diminished number from my garnered votes. Well, that's one lesson a contestant learned.

Anyway, my family, friends, and I were all so happy that the iSavta chose my story as the favorite one. Still a winner, thank you very much! I shared my prize to my children and my friends, of course I left a part for myself.

To all the wonderful persons behind iSavta, more power to you and God bless! May you continue with your so productive and helpful endeavor. Your site is really a great asset to caregivers and employers.

Warmly yours,


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