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Send Money from Super-Pharm: The New Rewire Deposit Points!

Great news! Rewire has partnered with Super-Pharm, the largest pharmacy chain in Israel!

As of today, you can deposit cash at selected Super-Pharm branches:

•    Tel Aviv-Yafo, Inside Central Bus Station, Levinsky St.108

•    Jerusalem Central Station, Jaffa St. 234

•    Kfar Saba, Weizmann St. 78

•    Herzliya, Sokolov St. 25 Haifa, Ha-Nevi’im St. 18

    Netanya, Remez St. 16

•    Ramat Hasharon, Ussishkin 52

•    Raanana, Ahuza St. 83

•    Rehovot, Herzel St. 182

•    Ramat Aviv, Tagor St. 32

Did you know: These branches are open in the evenings and during the weekends.

Check them out. They are right next to you!

To deposit, select which branch you want to deposit in via the Rewire app, head to the branch and ask the cashier to deposit to Rewire. It’s that simple!

Check out the exact locations and opening hours by clicking this link


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Super Pharm Coupons this July!

Rewire is all about saving! Enjoy this month's discounted Super-Pharm items just for you!

Here they are! Click here for this month’s Super-Pharm coupons: 


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