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Spring Time: Make the Most of it With Your Elderly Employer

It's Spring Time!

Spring is everyone's personal favorite season since it brings a warm summer sun but cool fresh breeze. It also brings rebirth of flower buds and beautiful wildflowers such as anemones, cyclamen, irises and more.

Spring is definitely the best time for your Elderly patients to participate in outdoor activities that they might enjoy with you.

Here are some of our tips on how to enjoy Spring while it lasts.

1. Nature Walk

There's nothing more relaxing and exciting than a fun outdoor trip to a nearby ecopark, lake or nature reserves. If your employer is bound to a wheelchair, you can choose places with pave paths. It will be much easier for you and for him/her as well to stroll around the area. Do not forget to bring beverages and some snacks to munch on.

2. Picnic

When you decide to go for a Nature Walk, you might also want to consider doing a Picnic with your Savta/Saba. You can go to a park and bring with you some sandwiches, fresh fruits and some cookies that you baked together. You can organize a picnic by inviting your savta/saba's family members. Have some games and make it fun for your employer.

3. Spring Cleaning

Spring time is the perfect time to declutter things. Although, most of the elderlies are very sentimental, they still have some things that they want to get rid of. Do not expect old photographs and letters to be thrown away but they might have some old clothes that they are willing to let go. Help your elderly rummage through his/her things but remember not to impose your judgment. Elderly people tends to hoard things. Let them decide what, when and how to dispose their things.

4. Gardening

Spring is a perfect season to grow things in the garden. It's high time to pay attention to those orchids and flowery plants on your backyard. Start working on the herb garden that you've been wanting to do since last year. Plant some basil, parsley, dill and chives on pots and let your elderly patient water it everyday. Spend the afternoon outside drinking coffee with your elderly patient while you both enjoy the cool breeze and scents of the flowers.

5. Farmers Market

Depending on your employers physical ability, you can definitely bring them to Farmers Market where you can both leisurely stroll around and probably pick some fresh produce straight from the farm like organic veggies and fruits and cook a healthy meal.

6. Eat Outdoors in Cafe's or Restaurants

Since it's already warmer, you can bring your employer outside and spend a sumptous breakfast in restaurants by the beach. You can also simply dine in nearby coffee shop or restaurant and have some egg benedicts and coffee. You can also suggest to your employer's family to bring him/her to a restaurant for dinner.

7. Watch a Show/Theater Play

Your employer can purchase a ticket for both of you and enjoy a show or theater play. Old people love music and acts. You can spend an hour or two watching his/her favorite play. 


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