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Stroke:  5 Ways to Know if it's Coming


Stroke has been constantly a leading cause of death anywhere in the world.  This happens when the blood flow to the brain is blocked, even just for a second.  Many people think that stroke can only affect older adults. However, this is not true.  It can actually affect people of different ages. But how would one know if a stroke is coming? The symptoms of stroke vary.  It depends which part of the brain lacks the blood supply. To help you prevent any stroke attack, below are popular warning signs to watch out for.


1.   Slurred Speech

People with stroke tend to mumble words when trying to say something.  Because of this, their speech may be difficult to understand. At some point, they are having a hard time speaking at all.  If you suspect your loved one has an upcoming major stroke attack, ask them to repeat a simple sentence and check if you can comprehend what they are saying.


2.   Lopsided Facial Structure

Ask the person to smile and see if one side of the face droops.  People with stroke tend to have an uneven smile caused by numbness of one side of the face.


3.   Weakness of any part of the body

Those affected by stroke cannot raise both arms properly.  If one arm drops down when you ask a person to raise both arms, it is a sign that he is affected by stroke.  This also applies to other parts of the body which may become suddenly numb or paralyzed.


4.   Problems walking

One symptom of a person having a stroke is the problem to walk independently.  Those affected can easily lose balance and have no coordination.


5.   Visual Problems and Severe Headache

People who are likely to have a stroke attack have trouble seeing with one eye or both eyes.  Their sense of sight is impaired and are likely to have blurry vision. They may also experience a sudden severe headache unlike any headaches they had in the past for no particular reason.

These warning signs of stroke may begin days before the actual attack.  It can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time. It would make a difference to educate your friends and family to help them prepare for an emergency.


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