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Thanks to Chamomile Tea?

I thought I’ll end up in the hospital again. Pew!

I remember vividly the night my friend brought me to the hospital because of severe stomach pain. Well, it was not actually my tummy but my upper abdomen near my chest. In medical terms, they usually called this part as the xiphoid process or the metasternum or xiphisternum. But before I’ll squeeze out my few recollections of these terms, I want to say thank you to Chamomile Tea for saving me today.

I’ve been suffering from on and off heartburn since I was in high school. But because its ON and OFF, i didn’t give a damn about it. I thought, I was just eating fast that I swallowed a lot of air so I need to burp. It wasn’t a big deal until that night when I cannot stand the pain anymore and I even bid goodbye to the world because I thought I was food poisoned. Hah!

I took a lot of medical tests, heliobacter pylori and all, and my doctor prescribed 20 mg. of Omepradex a day. I stopped taking medications because I felt well and I tried to avoid the “bawal” and everything. It was a free-heartburn months until recently, I had some pain from time to time especially when I overate. I was at the mercy of Tums until it was not helpful anymore. Then I tried Chamomile Tea. I just thought it could help since I know it helps muscles to relax and they even use it to aid sleeping disorders. And yes, it did help.

Today, after coffee in the morning, I already felt my tummy acting up but I went on with my Monday “ngarag” and ignored the whole thing. It was 1pm when I felt the need to eat lunch with my employer and we both enjoyed Ciorba (to my beki friends, yes I’m not bluffing. Ciorba/Churba is a FOOD), a Romanian rice soup which taste like Sinigang. 3pm and I was still okay. I was busy designing my blog when I felt a sudden stabbing pain in my chest. I knew I was going to have heartburn but I didn’t expect it to be so intense. Like I had cold sweats, so pale and I cannot even talk. I vomited a lot but the pain was still killing me and I felt the need to go to the hospital. I got myself a cup of Chamomile Tea but I couldn’t even swallow a drop. I did my best to take a sip, slowly I was able to finish a quarter of it then I felt much better. I still want to go to the hospital but as soon as my employer called a cab, I was totally out of pain. The wonder of Chamomile Tea. Hallelujah! 

After dinner, I busied myself google-ing everything about Chamomile Tea and I found several interesting facts about it that I wanna share. 

Sleeping Disorder — The most well-known benefit of the Chamomile Tea is as a sleep-aid. It has tranquilizer effect that combat anxiety and insomnia. So the next time you find yourself owling at the wee hours of the morning, all you need to do is drink Chamomile Tea. Just make sure it’s not Candy Crush, Clash of Clans or ALDUB that keeps you awake.

Stomach Upset — The most widely-accepted use of Chamomile Tea is as a digestive-aid. It is very useful in combating indigestion, colic, peptic ulcer, diarrhea, gastritis and many others. This I can really say is true because I have a first-hand experience on this. 

Menstrual Cramps — One study found that drinking Chamomile Tea increases the urine levels of glycin; a compound that calms muscles spasms. 

Diabetes — Study shows that Chamomile Tea was found to prevent the progression of diabetic complications and hyperglycemia.

Wound Healing and Reduce Imflammation — There are Chamomile oitments for external use that helps promote healing. Study shows that there are substances found in Chamomile flowers that are like antibiotics or some sort that helps to reduce inflammation of wounds and other skin problems.

But you have to consider some precautions in taking Chamomile Tea especially if you are allergic to some plants in the same family with Chamomile such as ragweed, daisy, aster, etc. 

Chamomile should also be avoided if you are pregnant because it may act as uterine stimulant that increase the chance of abortion.

People with bleeding disorders should avoid Chamomile too because it has coumarin and may increase the chance of bleeding.

But even if I am pretty sure Chamomile helps a lot with my current health problem, I still scheduled myself to see my doctor. Chamomile only took away the pain but never the acid. These symptoms may lead to something more serious if I will not seek an advice from my doctor. But for now, I am just happy that I didn’t spend the night in the hospital again because of Chamomile Tea. Thank You Lord!


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