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Yom Hazikaron: Remembering Israel's Fallen Heroes

Every year, Israel commemorates the sacrifices of the fallen soldiers who faught and lost their lives for Israel's independence.

Yom Hazikaron was traditionally and exclusively for fallen soldiers but the commemoration has also been dedicated to the victims of the terrorist attack.

The official holiday was passed into law in 1963. The solemnity of the day is being observed strictly by every Israeli. All places of entertainment are closed and television and all community bodies note the significance of the day. Most of the broadcasting time is dedicated to portraying the lives of fallen soldiers. Israeli songs and poems can be heard all day.

Memorial candles and prayers are being lit and observed in all places especially in army camps, synagogues, schools and in homes of the families of the fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism.

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The sound of siren that is heard througout the whole country makes the entire nation drop everything and observe this two minute standstill. 

National memorial service are also held in some places attended by the top military personnel and politicians. Many religious Jews recite prayers by opening the official ceremony at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Yom Hazikaron is not considered as a religious commemoration but part of an Israeli culture. But during this day, people gather together and join as one, religious or not.

Outside of Israel, Yom Hazikaron is also being observed by some Israelis as part of Israel's Independence Day (which follows the next day). 


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