Frequently asked questions


What's going on here?

Basically this site directly connects caregivers and employers in Israel. Please read more about us in the about section.

How much does it cost?

It's a free service for caregivers and private employers.

Who can sign up on this site?

All caregivers regardless of anything else.

The salaries are too high, are these jobs real?

These are real jobs. People are willing to pay quite a lot for a good caregiver with very good recommendations. High salary doesn't necessarily mean the job is very hard.

Is an agency?

No. you can view like a good friend who knows many employers and lets you know about open positions in real time.

If I use do I still have to register with an agency?

Yes, this is the law in Israel.

What is your privacy policy?

You don't have to submit your first name. We'll never sell or give away your details to any third party without your consent.