Hall of Fame


A Huge Thank You

For the following people for their meaningful contribution to this project
(order by alphabet):

Johny - our unofficial legal advisor

Legal advice in a human language

Idan - our unofficial tech advisor

Tech advice for the layman

Momo - our unofficial code and database advisor

Programmers’ hotline

Yamit - our official designer

The next best thing on web design

Orna - who cuts away

And saved the day

Ofir - the official guide

In both in micro and macro

Ilan - the web master

In the deepest meaning of this phrase

Yael - the professional advisor

The only one who understands what’s going on here :)

Whatsapp forum

For adding the ‘counter’ to productive

Mary - that carried the torch

Helped, pushed and pulled during the hard climb

Julie - the word Magistra

Receives impressions and communicates the message

Yael and Amir (Orange)

For believing in us from day 1