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  1. 1 The (hidden) Costs of Remittance

  2. When you are an OFW living in the US and earning in US Dollars, you just need to worry about the exchange rate of US Dollars to Philippine Pesos and at the same time, the service fee that your transfer provider offers you. But if you are working in a…

  1. 2 How to Save Money on Remit?

  2. First of all, to reduce risk of fraud always check if your provider/remit centre is licensed by the Ministry of Finance and ask to get a detailed receipt with your transaction details to learn how much you pay in fees. The remittance process involves several transactions that could result in…

  1. 3 Remit Solutions

  2. There are several methods of sending money home and involve traditional companies and a new era of innovative remittance solutions. The traditional solutions include: Western Union- a very popular solution for cash to cash remittances. WU have enormous presence around the world with over 500,000 locations worldwide. They are notorious…

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